Rachael Stewart – Reawakened

‘Reawakened’ by Rachael Stewart is definitely one heck of a steamy read! A Mills & Boon Dare romance story. Let me tell you back in the day when I read Mills & Boon books they weren’t a patch on this one!

Rachael Stewart

Olivia decided that after her husband had died she was going to live life to her fullest. The Board of her company aren’t overly keen on her version of living life to the fullest. They hire a PR expert to attempt to ‘fix’ her public image, the biggest issue is that Olivia has decided she is sick of being told what to do. Enter Valentine, the PR expert. As a favour to his mentor, he takes the job although he knows Olivia is no pushover. What nobody has considered is how much these two actually have in common or how much chemistry there is between them.

Will Valentine be able to calm Olivia or will his long-forgotten desires be reawakened?

This story started with much more steamy stuff than I expected but I found it a fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing romance between an older woman and a younger man with a bit of extra thrown in. I liked how Rachael Stewart gave us the story from both Olivia and Valentine’s points of views as we get a fuller and more rounded picture. We also get to know both characters better as well which I like.

I found this story a really good steamy romance that I read in one sitting. I may have to go and check out other Mills & Boon Dare books now.

Thanks to Rachels Random Resources and Mills & Boon for my copy of the book.

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