Stephen Puleston – Dead Of Night

‘Dead Of Night’ by Stephen Puleston is the fifth book in the excellent D.I Marco series. I love this series and Stephen Puleston always manages to keep me on my toes when I am reading any of these books. This one is just as good.

Stephen Puleston

Marco is on the case of a murdered homeless man and he is planning to find the killer no matter how hard it is. Murders of homeless people don’t really hit the top of the list for the police these days but Marco feels the victim deserves attention….then another body is found.

Marco is a man with deep flaws, but also one who is aware and we see him still fighting his battle with alcohol and he is staying strong still. His life is back on track and he is planning to keep it there. He is a man who is determined to do his job to his best ability and I like that. Lydia is his partner and they work well together I love their chemistry throughout.

Another brilliant instalment for D.I Marco and one that keeps up the quality of this series. I couldn’t stop reading! A story that speeds along and doesn’t even feel rushed in any way. I enjoyed the fact that I couldn’t even guess who the killer was, that adds something to this gripping story.

Thanks to Jill Burkinshaw and Stephen Puleston for my copy of the book.

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