Emma Bennett – Her Sister’s Baby

‘Her Sister’s Baby’ by Emma Bennett is a rich contemporary romance story. It is a relatively short story but don’t think it has any less of an emotional impact-it doesn’t.

Emma Bennett

Sophie receives a call from the hospital to tell her that her estranged sister, Natasha has been in a car accident. As she arrives she discovers Natasha has passed away. In the aftermath, Sophie finds out she has a baby niece, Alanna. She immediately takes her on. What Sophie doesn’t know or expect is that Alanna’s dad, Samson wants his daughter too. How will Sophie and Samson work this out?

A story that I dare you not to feel pulling on your heartstrings. An emotional story of an aunt’s love and duty for her sisters child and a father’s very evident love for his child too. It’s fraught with misunderstandings and difficult relationships that has been written just right. Emma Bennett has written great characters that are realistic to the point that you yourself are weighing the odds of Sophie and Samson being able to organise themselves if only for Alanna.

This book may only be a short one but it definitely hits you where Emma Bennett intended it to…right in the heart. A beautiful and gripping book that I sped through so quickly just because I needed to know the outcome.

Thanks to Spellbound Books and ZooLoo’s Book Tours for the copy of the book and my place on the tour today.

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