Alicia R. Chapin – Remnants Of Magic

‘Remnants of Magic’ Volume 1 by Alicia R. Chapin is a fantasy story that I have to say hooked me just with the cover. I have played PC games in which my character was a Ranger, so this cover…a female with a bow and arrow and a mythical creature in the background… well, I was taken straight back to my gaming days and dying to get reading.

Alicia R. Chapin

The Prince of Shelkite needs Alexa, a half-witch to help to overthrow the wizard king Ret who is threatening the kingdom. We see the Prince, his Master Sword Bryan and Alexa all set of to unlock Alexa’s powers, on what may be a dangerous journey as they also need to find the key to defeating Ret.

I adore a good fantasy story. I can just immerse myself in a different world with so much action and mythical creatures, I am in my element. Alicia R. Chapin’s world-building is fantastic. I believed everything I read. The characters were very well developed to the point that I actually felt a connection between us. My maternal side started showing and I was rooting for Alexa and the others all the way. I have read a bit of fantasy and watched it on tv, I never come across talking unicorns before and I was secretly thrilled!

Alexa and Bryan’s relationship begins with total dislike of each other along with the fact that they feel like they have competition in each other. Bryan is not used to an independent, feisty and brave woman who is even a talented fighter. Once he begins to get to understand Alexa and we see their friendship flourish until it eventually begins to turn into more.

I am glad I realised this was volume one and began the book with the knowledge it wouldn’t all be wrapped up at the end. As I thought it would, the story finished with a cliffhanger ready for Volume 2 and I, for 1 am looking forward to the next book.

Thanks to @lovebookstours for asking me on the tour.

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