Catherine Yaffe – The Web They Wove

‘The Web They Wove’ by Catherine Yaffe is the second book I have read by this author. The first being ‘The Lies They Told’. I read and reviewed this on my blog also. I was hoping that Catherine Yaffe had managed to write another great book and yes, she definitely has.

Catherine Yaffe

This book gives DI Andrew (Ziggy) Thorne a more central role. In the first book, he was not really a major character. Two bodies discovered. One after the other in the same location. Not enough forensic evidence left at the scenes to help in any way. Ziggy and the team are under massive pressure to solve these murders by both his boss and the media due to mass fear. It is only as the case comes too close to home that Ziggy begins to start slotting everything its place, but will it be solved before another body turns up?

A worthy sequel to the first book and a great more in-depth introduction to Ziggy and the team. We get to find out how he earned his nickname and start delving into his personal life. I was so involved in the book time just flew. A very well written book as was the first one and Catherine Yaffe has a great way of drawing you into the story and her characters are developing well as we learn more of them too. A pretty fast-paced story that starts as it means to go on and before you know it you are on the final chapter. I had a book hangover after I finished this!

A fabulous crime thriller that I would recommend…after you have read the first book that is!

Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Catherine Yaffe for the copy of the book.

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