Kay Powell – Then A Wind Blew

‘Then a Wind Blew’ by Kay Powell is a beautifully written novel that is set in the last few months of the war in Rhodesia before it became Zimbabwe. It is told as seen through the eyes of three very different women. These women find their lives become entwined with each other by reasons beyond their control.

Kay Powell

We meet Sudan, a white settler, Nanye who is with her sister at a Guerilla camp and Beth who is a nun. These women have each been witness to the varying horrors of war and we as the reader are reminded how we all need each other when we come down to it.

This was a totally different story of war and this was because Kay Powell has given us the view of war from mainly a female perspective. This is something not thought of as a norm but this book makes you really think and then realise a female view around conflict is really thought about.

I can see and feel Kay Powell’s connection to what was Rhodesia. Her love for this country is apparent with every page I read. Her vivid descriptions of this country are enough to give me the feeling that I could almost be there, in this brutal and war-torn country.

A story that is not an easy one to read without being emotionally affected. Just the knowledge that this really happened and thinking of how many atrocities took place during this time, really gave me food for thought. A poignant tale of the horrific struggles of one country and the consequences for the people of that country. A novel that will stay with me for a long time.

Thank you to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours and Kay Powell for the copy of the book.

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