Louise Mullins – Love You Bad

‘Love You Bad’ by Louise Mullins is a psychological thriller that I raced through in a day. Louise Mullins is, for me a fabulous author so I always expect big things from her and I am happy to say I loved this story from page one.

Louise Mullins

We meet Kerensa who lives a life of privilege few could imagine. Loving husband. Luxury home. Financial security. But in the attic of their sea view mansion is a secret waiting to be discovered, threatening to destroy their perfect marriage. When their daughter’s au pair uncovers Dominic’s carefully constructed illusion, one lie at a time, it ends in murder. But whose?

A story that is told in split timelines and from different perspectives helps us to understand each of the main characters as the story unfolds. We see Kerensa meeting Dominic in a Las Vegas casino and before she has even got on her plane to London, Dominic has proposed! Kerensa has no way of knowing what the future holds…

This is a gripping and tense read that only increases as you plough through the short chapters that alternate between the characters and timelines too. It keeps you on a knife-edge as the secrets begin to unfurl throughout. All of these things together create fabulous twists and turns.

If you love a good thrilling read that you just cannot bear to stop reading try this, I recommend it.

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and Louise Mullins for the copy of this book.

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