Martin Bodenham – Watch Over Me

‘Watch Over Me’ by Martin Bodenham is a book I was looking forward to as soon as I got the invitation to this tour. I have read Martin’s other books and loved them so knew I would have a great read with this one.

Martin Bodenham

This book is based on a true story and we meet Tom Harper, a realtor on Vancouver Island, he helps Ali, an intelligent and beautiful lawyer, to find a property she likes. After so much searching and Ali finding faults with every one Tom shows her, she finally finds one she likes. Tom receives a text from her which is really odd as she was cold and standoffish during the search for her house.

As the texts keep coming and they are becoming more and more odd, saying things such as, I will be here for you when you leave your wife. Tom has no clue what she is talking about as he is really happily married and she is not that much older than his daughter. Tom rejects Ali and her advances and soon discovers the sinister depths to which a delusional mind will sink to obtain what it wants. Isolated and seemingly abandoned by the police and legal system, this is the story of one man’s struggle to rescue his marriage, his family, and his sanity in the face of overwhelming psychological and physical torment.

A story told from the two points of view of Martin and the opposite one of Ali’s. We see the spiral begin and Tom seems like a man caught in a web. He is not able to get out easily. We see his struggle attempting to extricate himself from this brilliantly cunning woman who was really as deluded as they come. It becomes crystal clear that Ali suffers from mental health issues but I still thought she had no excuse for her behaviour. The question is will Tom find a way to get his life back? Or will he always be making sure no one is following him.

Another book which is an addictive and chilling read. The worst part of this for me is the fact that people in this world who actually are like Ali and do cause this madness to real people. Martin Bodenham is a great writer and has brought a story that has the possibility of happening to anyone at any time. The thing that made it all the more horrifying was that it has been based on true events and that alone sent a chill down my spine. A well-written book with a terrifying plot and oh-so believable and well-created characters.

Thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours and Down and Out Books for my gifted copy of the book.

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