Martin Tracey – Lunar

The third book in the Judd Stone series by Martin Tracey, ‘Lunar’, really had me excited to start reading it. I have read the two preceding books and knew just how good they were and needed to see what was happening in Judd’s world. Well, Martin Tracey has done it again!

Martin Tracey

Another belter of a read. I loved it.
Every single book in this series is unique, this time we see Judd trying to find a missing cousin and is asked to see if he can find any information on a skeleton that has been discovered in Great Barr Hall. His investigation leads to the Lunar Society and a worldwide people trafficking operation. Via a Gamblers help group, he is led to a past life regression therapist. Being Judd I am not surprised about anything he finds or does, even in this book he somehow ends up in Amsterdam.

This book manages to deal with serious subjects such as people trafficking, sex trade, a secret society and then there are werewolves. Such serious issues for a story but not too heavy a read. There are always humorous parts to the story. The gamblers FIGHT group is one such part. The members are definitely funny. They share a banter that makes you want them as your friends.

I always get so into these books and this is no different. Judd is a character I enjoy reading about. He is always getting into situations that you think, ‘nope he isn’t getting good out of this one’. When he does and it seems to be calm and you have breathed a sigh of release, the next page shows you different!

Bring on book 4! Martin Tracey is one of my favourite authors now, Judd Stone is a fantastic creation.

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and Martin Tracey for my gifted copy of the book.

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