Dr. Robin Harwick PhD – My Sorrow, My Libertad

‘My Sorrow, My Libertad’ by Dr Robin Harwick PhD, is a Young Adult book that isn’t a long read but it packs a punch to the gut.

Dr. Robin Harwick PhD

This is a story that once you begin you find yourself unable to tear yourself away from the plight one young girl finds herself in. Fifteen-year-old Didi finds herself placed in the care system as her mum battles a heroin addiction and her dad has been deported from America. So begins her own desperate journey to find a place to call her own.

I began this book knowing how the U.K’s care system works and how hard it is for the children placed into it. The American system, along with the deportation of parents and splitting families up, actually flabbergasted me.

Didi’s tale is, for me one that highlights just how resilient the children are who end up in care. The system is a heartless and tough one that causes more suffering than nurturing to these young victims of fate. Didi amazed me as she ploughed ahead with her life and of course, she made mistakes but we all do. Her strength and determination made up for any errors and really made me think about all the kids in care, wherever they are in the world.

A story that is told right from the heart with the research underpinning everything. I really felt that Didi just had to grow up before her time and that broke my heart.

Thanks to Isabelle Kenyon for my invitation to this unique books’ tour and Dr Robin Harwick PhD for the beautiful copy of this book.

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