Catherine Haworth – Instincts

‘Instincts’ by Catherine Haworth is a perfect example of discovering a gem of an author with a thriller that is so good you read it in a day! I must say I love my ‘hobby’! Let’s see what the book is about first.

Catherine Haworth

They say the devil’s in the details… And I say, I most certainly am.
After a near-miss with a serial killer on a night out with her best friend Holly, Fae Wright found herself with a starring role in Holly’s subsequent bestselling memoir.

Now Fae has been unexpectedly hired by the Metropolitan Police to help solve the unsolvable. A string of murders across England are linked but what is the common thread?
With bodies piling up and constantly more questions than answers, Fae strives to connect the dots. Holly wrote all about Fae’s psychic instincts, so maybe she really does have the best chance of catching the killer.
But someone is watching Fae very closely, and there may be more to this than Fae could ever have imagined…

Fae is a Psychology student but it is her ‘feeling’ that she has one night that culminated in her saving her best friend from being murdered, that she is well known for. This action means the local police decide they want her help to solve a string of murders. Fae feels like they actually want anything but Fae involved and Fae isn’t too keen either. It is only that she is curious about the murders that she doesn’t leave the police to their job. She soon realises that her feeling is that the killer is a woman. The police think it’s a man so how is Fae going to make them change their way of thinking…as things seem to be looking up the killer decides to make it personal. Will Fae and the police find them before time runs out?

A magnificently paced book that kept me in suspense. Told from multiple points of view which includes the killer we get to see what these characters are thinking, which is great for getting to know the particularly twisted ones especially.

I enjoyed getting to know Fae and Holly as the story developed. I felt for Fae as she knew she wasn’t wanted during the investigation but also applauded her determination to stay and stand her ground.

This is a story with multiple twists, turns and red herrings too. I was intrigued until I turned the last page. A great conclusion which I had no clue was coming.

Highly recommended read if you love Thrillers with an edge that have the power to keep you turning the pages.

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and Catherine Haworth for the copy of the book.

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