Nick Rippington – Bare Lies

‘Bare Lies’ by Nick Rippington is the fourth book of the Boxer Boys series. I own this series and love every single book. This one keeps the standards that have been set from the other books. I have also read other work of his that doesn’t belong to the Boxer Boys series and I enjoyed that book too, ‘Rabette Run’.

Nick Rippington

A gritty gangland thriller that follows the Dolans. Mo Dolan is in prison and Chuck and Sly, his kids, are in the middle of it all.  Someone brings a grenade to a job that should have been run of the mill. An explosion goes off that causes people to die. Cue Chuck and Sly disappearing off to Spain. Their grandad, Billy Dolan or Billy the Kid, lets them stay with him as long as they will do some work for him. When they get there they get caught up in drug deals at high levels. This leads them to meet a Columbian cartel boss too. As Billy’s past comes back to haunt him on top of everything else, they need to sort this one out before anyone gets killed for their pains.

A brutal, gritty novel of family loyalty, romance, torture, decency and murder too! I think the Dolan family are a force to be reckoned with and Sly and Chuck are such likeable lads, even with all their faults, they give us a bit of humour throughout. Nick Rippington has written a book that includes a bit of everything. I had times that I was really on the edge of my seat and others where I found it funny too.

I loved the pacing of ‘Bare Lies’, it was perfect for this story and had me glued to it from the start. I am going to go back and read the first two books now, I enjoyed this that much.

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and Nick Rippington for the copy of the book.

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