K.C Gillis – Migration Event

‘Migration Event’ by K.C Gillis is the third book in the Jordan Reed mystery series. A gripping, environmental thriller that certainly thrills throughout! Let’s check out the synopsis.

K.C Gillis

Jordan Reed lives to expose criminals who believe they’ll never get caught. So after receiving a tip about a high-profile company dodging tariffs, the relentless journalist digs into the case. But though her lead turns out to be a red herring, a possible connection to the mysterious death of long-distance migratory birds pulls her into a byzantine maze of corruption and pollution.
Joining forces with a rogue conservationist, Jordan infiltrates the inner circle of one of Boston’s top corporate citizens. But when she and her new teammate find themselves surrounded by high-powered enemies, her hunt for the truth could force the coverup of their own murders.
Will the tenacious reporter live long enough to write the ultimate exposé?

I have a new female character to love! Jordan is strong, fiesty and a woman who does not take the path of least resistance. She is not afraid to makes waves and it shows. A series with more than one strong woman that doesn’t let anything get in the way of them doing what is right…even if it outs them in danger along the way.

I had no issues reading this without the previous two books, but I will be looking for the other two, for sure. I found ‘Migration Event’ to be a bit of a slow burner, then, as the story unfolded, the action kicked in and there it was, the edge of the seat and heart in the mouth moments began. A thriller that I found hard to put down, the twists and turns made it so I wasn’t too sure which direction the story was heading in next.

A story with a environmental message as well as a fabulously well plotted story. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jordan and Maggie too!

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and K.C Gillis for the copy of the book and my place on the tour.

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