Kristin Harper – A Letter From Nana Rose

‘A Letter From Nana Rose’ by Kristin Harper is an emotional tale of family and the bonds they have with each other and their Nana Rose. Add in a dash of romance and this is a gorgeous story that will captivate you from beginning to end. My first book by Kristin Harper and one I was in love with right from the start.

Kristin Harper

We meet three sisters, Brooke, Jill and Rachel who have inherited their Nana Rose’s Beach House on Dune Island. Her final request is that they spend one summer there and read one letter each day sent from Nana Rose. Brooke and Rachel want to sell it but Jill wants nothing more than to keep it. As the letters begin to appear as they read them they find Nana is telling them all a secret that she never told a soul for decades. What is this secret and what difference will it make to these three sisters?

Each sister is at a point in their lives where decisions need to be made… that’s besides the decision about the house. Will this summer spent together help them reconnect or push them away from each other?

As I said earlier, an emotional and captivating book. The setting of the beach house and Dune Island easily came to my mind and I could understand why the sisters had nothing but good memories of their visits to Nana Rose. This really made the women so relatable. I think almost everyone has a grandparent or grandparents they have special memories of, so I was with them on this final summer. The sibling relationships between them brought plenty of drama and I understood that too…having a sibling does this.

These little things made this a book that I thoroughly enjoyed and the fact that I could understand this family made me feel connected.

The author has written a tale that pulls on the heartstrings so effectively. I defy anyone not to need a tissue at some point. A fantastically well written story that I definitely recommend.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the copy of this beautiful, heart warming book.

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