Suzanne Kelman – When The Nightingale Sings

‘When the Nightingale Sings’ by Suzanne Kelman is a historical fiction novel that brings us the story of two women, who although they are renamed for this story, were real women in a time that women did not have the opportunities or possibilities of today’s world. The author has skillfully blended and blurred the fictional with the truth to bring a captivating, well-written book, that I was unable to leave for too long.

Suzanne Kelman

1939, Berlin, Cambridge, Paris, California. The world is in the grips of a terrible war. Can two young women change the course of history?
As war is declared in Europe, shy young Judy Morgan finishes her studies in Physics at Cambridge University. She never thought she’d be friends with someone as beautiful and glamorous as Hedy Lamarr, a young Jewish woman who has fled the Nazis, but Judy can’t ignore her brilliance.
It is a time when women are expected to stay at home, but as bombs tear apart the country she loves, Judy knows she must act. With Judy’s unparalleled knowledge of how the world works, and Hedy’s flair for invention, Judy is sure they can find a way to keep their loved ones safe.
But in war, impossible decisions must be made, unthinkable sacrifices must be suffered, and their work puts them in grave danger.
As they journey down a dark, uncertain path together, Judy realises her next step could tear their friendship apart. But the fate of the world is in her hands. Tragedy is inevitable, but can Judy solve the puzzle she has set herself, save millions, and put an end to this terrible war?

I have read books by this author previously and though this is a little different from others, it is a sparkling example of an extremely talented author.  Again, Suzanne Kelman has made these women so real, their skills, weaknesses and everything in between,  is laid bare for all to see. This endeared these women to me and I was quickly immersed and connected to this story. The writing created such a vivid picture it wasn’t hard to imagine the times this story is set.
An emotional story of two intelligent and extremely brave women who defied all the odds at a time when everyone was losing hope.

I again have loved being educated and entertained simultaneously,
I had never really heard of the two women this story is based on and I had to go and find out more about them both I was so curious.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the copy of the book.

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