Ceril Campbell – Secrets in the dark

A debut novel that reminds me of the good old Jackie Collins bonk busters. If you love the glamour and glitz along with the sex that are all part and parcel of those books, this explosive story is one you need to read.

Ceril Campbell

Innocent Phoebe has only known a life of privilege.

Street-smart Paula has had to make her own way in the world.

When the two girls meet as teenagers, they form a deep sisterly bond, recognising in one another a yearning for love and for lives that are different from the ones they were born into. But when they each suffer a personal trauma, they are torn apart and set out on very different paths.

So begins a rollercoaster journey throughout the 1970s of extreme highs and lows for Phoebe and Paula, as they travel from the epicentre of cool on the Kings Road, Chelsea, to the glamour of Paris, LA and the South of France.

It’s a scandalous world of sex, drugs, celebrity and wealth – alluring, addictive…and deceptive.

Secrets in the dark is such a fast paced book with characters that are larger than life and a story that is so easily addictive. I flew though this book so fast! Once you open this book, I would settle down for the next few hours as this is one book that hooks you in so very easily.

The setting is in the 1970s but the issues that are raised within the book for women are still relevant today.

Ceril Campbell had created her characters very well, to the point that everyone has their unique voice within the story. I did find it quite easy to connect with them as well. I felt like I could easily be by their side as they made their decisions. This is due to the down to earth and realistic writing of the author. It kept me turning the pages.

A book full of twists and turns along with sex, sin, lust and ambition which heralds a new female fiction writer that I am sure we will hear more from soon enough.

Thank you to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours and Headline Accents for the copy of the book.

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