N.G Neville – Betsy Roberts [extract]

Today I am honoured to be part if the Book tour for Betsy Roberts by N.G Neville. I am hosting a review of this really interesting, based on true events story. I was so intrigued by this book I had to host something so I could help to highlight this book. I hope you love the extract as much as I did! Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and N.G Neville for the extract and allowing me to be a part of the tour.

N.G Neville

This incredible story is based on true events concerning young Betsy Roberts – how she was kidnapped, abused but survived America’s first serial killers – the evil Harpe brothers – how she outlived and ultimately profited using her wits and sheer determination.

Betsy Roberts, a young woman from Kentucky is brutally kidnapped by notorious outlaws Micajah and Wiley Harpe who abuse then exploit her. The novel describes how Betsy uses her wits and courage to survive, and then ultimately prosper despite the most appalling conditions and treatment she suffers, in the wilderness of late eighteenth century America. She gradually becomes tainted by the evil, murderous activities of the Harpe brothers who, amongst other things, use her as bait to lure travelers to their deaths. She does this under duress initially but later becomes indifferent, even to the extent of being a willing accomplice.

Part 2 of the novel describes her long, gruelling journey of escape to New York in the early eighteen hundreds. It covers how she became a key figure there, developing businesses, illicit and legal, and the family dynasty she establishes.

The story is an extraordinary and gripping tale of horrific violence, a kaleidoscope of extraordinary characters, settings and and yet also incredible willpower, survival instincts. Betsy ultimately becomes a strong, determined woman but also uses almost any means to achieve her ends.


Her appearance now was one of a mature woman, no longer a girl. Her hair though unclean and matted in parts, still had that fairish sheen and her eyes bright and penetrating, unlike the other two women whose whole demeanor had been dulled with little or no trace or remnant of femininity remaining. They looked much older than their actual years. Susan and Sarah were both shared as wives by both of the Harpes though Susan considered herself as Micajah’s wife. Sarah on the other hand had lost the will to dispute this and cared little who she belonged to.

Betsy presented a contrast of sorts; her clothes, though shabby and torn in places like the others, she kept as best as she could and whenever the Harpes brought back any goods or women’s clothes stolen from the unfortunates who had crossed their path, she was the first to take what was of value. Sometimes whole families with women’s and girls’ clothes were taken, it was Betsy who had first choice on what to select, especially as she had usually been part of the operation to ambush these poor travellers.

All this was to Betsy’s liking and enhanced her feeling of superiority, her sister was of no concern to her, and had indeed become even of no consequence to her. What did she care about this embittered, sullen woman who had displayed no sisterly feeling at all to Betsy right from the beginning when they first met? No, Betsy was as hardened and self- reliant as she could be and perhaps there would be more opportunities to benefit from all this madness.

She was soon to be proved right.

Author Bio 

N.G. Neville is the pseudonym or pen name of Geoff Burke and Nick Fisher, co-authors of ‘BETSY ROBERTS’ their first major novel. It was preceded by a shorter novel entitled ‘DEGENERATION The Story of Betsy Roberts’ which forms the first part of the full novel ‘BETSY ROBERTS’.

A sequel or more accurately prequel, a collection of short or not so short in some cases, stories will be published in 2021. It has a working title ‘DEATH and SALVATION’. Many of the amazing characters in ‘BETSY ROBERTS’ are present before they appear in the full novel. How they got to where they were in the novel forms a fascinating collection of truly extraordinary stories.

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Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/BETSY-ROBERTS-N-G-Neville-ebook/dp/B0892FJDMQ/

Amazon US https://www.amazon.com/BETSY-ROBERTS-N-G-Neville-ebook/dp/B0892FJDMQ

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