Rachel Krantz – Open:An Uncensored Memoir of Love, Liberation and Non-Monogamy

Today I am on the blog tour for Open, a memoir by Rachel Krantz for Random Things Tours. Thanks to both Anne Cater and Rachel Krantz for my copy of the book.

When Rachel Krantz met and fell for Adam, he told her that he was looking for a committed partnership – just one that did not include exclusivity.

Excited but a little trepidatious, Rachel set out to see whether love and a serious relationship can coexist beyond the familiar borders of monogamy. This is her open and honest true story.

Now, in her debut memoir, she chronicles her dive into non-monogamy. With fly-on-the-wall detail and extraordinary perceptiveness, OPEN takes us inside Brooklyn parties and into the wider swinger and polyamory community. Armed with her journalistic instincts, detailed journal entries and interviews with experts and therapists, Krantz also breaks new ground in confronting the unique ways tacit abuse and gaslighting can manifest when things get so complex.

Unflinching and brazen, OPEN asks what liberation really looks like, and whether the pleasure really is worth the pain.

For me, the best part of being a book blogger is being able to read books from every genre, even ones I wouldn’t generally choose. I have found it has widened my tastes and, in some cases, challenged me. Open is one such book. I was taken out of my comfort zone so much while reading this, but sometimes, we all need to push ourselves.

A raw, compelling, and honest account of what a non-monogamous world is really like. Rachel Krantz is so skilled at recounting her experiences that you feel like you are actually reliving them with her. Her willingness to open up and allow you into a world that has been so emotional and intimate made me feel so privileged.

She does not just give us the account; she weaves a narrative that includes emails, journal entries, and conversations. The inclusion of everything gives us a great all-around view to a depth that is so eye-opening, too.

This is not just a rosy view of her experiences, and I found myself feeling a number of emotions. There were moments that I felt she should have just taken herself out of the situation for safety’s sake, if nothing else.

I really felt Rachel Krantz wrote this in such a congruent way, and I connected with the woman who poured her experience and emotions into this book. I did, at times, struggle to read on, but just the fact that she had bared her soul, the least I could do was to read on through this with her.

An unusual, well researched, and, for me, deeply moving memoir of one woman’s experience in life. Quite profound, in a sense, a memoir for the times.

Author Bio

Rachel Krantz is a journalist and one of the founding editors of Bustle, where she served as  senior features editor for three years. Her work has been featured on NPR, The Guardian,  Vox, Vice, and many other outlets. She’s the recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism  Award, the Investigative Reporters and Editors Radio Award, the Edward R. Murrow Award,  and the Peabody Award for her work as an investigative reporter with YR Media.

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