Kevin Lynch – The Perfect Home

I am on the tour today for Kevin Lynch and his new book The Perfect Home. Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and Inkubator Books for my invitation and copy of the book.

It’s a beautiful place to live. Or die.

June is very happy in her home. It’s where she raised her two kids – now college age – and every room is filled with memories, some beautiful, some painful. She loves the garden she has worked so hard to create. She likes her neighbours in this pleasant, leafy suburb.

But lately, something has changed.

There’s the new guy across the street. He seems rough, possibly criminal. And he’s been taking a definite interest in June’s rebellious daughter, Cathy.

And there’s June’s son, Sam. He’s always been open and friendly but recently he’s been sullen and secretive.

Even more disturbing, June’s cheating ex-husband suddenly seems to be everywhere. It’s almost as if he’s stalking her.

Then, when someone she knows is murdered, June begins to understand that all these different things are connected. And as she investigates further, she realises that she herself is in terrible danger.

Because someone out there wants June gone. Permanently.

With a beginning that makes sure you are hooked from the start, The Perfect Home is a psychological thriller that knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat! I have to say, Inkubator Books is a publisher whose books I have a tendency to enjoy. The perfect Home by Kevin Lynch is no exception.

The story is told from the perspective of June, the main character. She is a woman who has two annoying teenagers and an ex- husband who doesn’t grasp the meaning of the word ‘boundaries’. She lives in a street where everyone knows everyone…until Steve Murray moves in. He upsets the balance of the neighbourhood. There is trouble on the horizon, but who could consider murder?

This is the second book by this author that I have read. I loved his first and was hoping he would publish another one as soon as he could. His short, snappy chapters keep you in reading as it becomes a ‘just one more chapter’. The way he writes means he includes how every single character is affected by the ripple effect of the events we read about. The resulting story makes it so easy to get to know the characters quickly.

A story with plenty of twists and a plot that lets us get under the skin of the characters. Kevin Lynch has a talent for that, and I enjoyed this book as much as his other one. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a psychological thriller .

Author Bio

Kevin is a Guidance Counselor by day and a psychological thriller author during his off hours. He puts an original slant on some common experiences and creates engaging stories with a personal twist. Kevin lives in Dublin, Ireland with three great kids, a frenetic Westie, Alfie, and a wife who makes him laugh, which is really all he could ask for.

Kevin writes psychological thrillers. The Perfect Home will be his second novel published with Inkubator Books.

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