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I must apologise for my late review today. Although a day late, I am happy to announce that is my turn to host The Mercenary by Johanna M Rae on behalf of ZooLoo’s Book Tours. Thanks to Zoe and Johanna M Rae for my copy of the book to take part.

What if everything you thought you knew about society was wrong?

Jodie Fletcher’s world is rocked on its axis when she stumbles into the knowledge that shape shifters are real. Not only that, but they have their own parallel justice system, which is endorsed by governments worldwide.

Jodie is drowning in a world she no longer understands and to top it all off, there is a target on her back.

The only thing it seems she can count on is the leopard-shifter who has taken it upon himself to protect her.

With their connection deepening after each encounter, and danger ever present around them, decisions need to be made.

Can they find a way to bridge the divide between their two worlds?

The first book in the Therian Secrets series and brand new author for me! A fantasy adventure book that looks so good and has an intriguing synopsis too. I was dying to be able to lose myself in this story.

An adventure that introduces Jodie, a 23 year old with so much responsibility, keeping up with a fulltime job and also attempting to take care of her brother who has started drinking after his relationship has failed. She discovers a world of shape-shifting after finding out that her brother is actually one. As she learns more about this world, she discovers its one she can’t leave and begins to learn more if her own family’s legacy also.

I have always enjoyed fantasy novels so when this book came up I jumped at the chance. The Mercenary is an action packed story that starts as it means to go on. The characters are all unique and well developed so you want to know what’s going to be next for them. Jodie was one such character, I warmed to her straight away. She had me as shocked as she was upon her discoveries and I empathised with how she was feeling, while trying to come to terms with who she is too.

I loved the world building of the shifter world, I was there with Jodie. Johanna M Rae has so skilfully woven a story that just whisks you away from your daily grind. Full of action, adventure, relationships and the angst of Jodie getting to grips with this world she has found herself in.

There are definitely powerful moments and shocking ones too throughout the book. I loved the relationship building of Jodie and Danny. This leads to a sweetness that is laced with a bit more than that!

I am so happy to have found another fantasy author whose writing is immersive, captivating and oh so enjoyable. Roll on book two!

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Author Bio 

Johanna M Rae

Author Johanna M Rae is a former fashion designer and married mother of three. She lives in Hamilton, NZ, with her family and two gorgeous ragdoll cats: Macchiato (Macky) and Smudge.

Balancing the needs of three sporty and musically inclined teenagers and her writing schedule doesn’t always leave much time for leisure, but in the quiet moments, Johanna can be found crocheting up a storm or nursing her caffeine addiction.

She is partway through writing a shapeshifter series called Therian Secrets. The first four books are available at Amazon and selected online retailers, while book five is due for release in 2021. Johanna also has an urban fantasy series called Immortal Trinity, currently consisting of two books. The third is due out in 2022. Johanna has also written a stand alone novel called Alpha Stray, which was her NaNoWriMo project; and two poetry collections. There are a few other stories in the works, which she plans to publish in the near future. Until then, there is coffee to be had…

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