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Today I’m pleased to say I am bringing you my review for George Bunce and The Black Wave of Fear by Martin Geraghty,on behalf of Zoo Loo’s Book Tours. Thanks to SpellBound Books and Zoe for the copy of this book.

Meet George, a resident at the Four Seasons care home in a Scottish seaside town. Meet Carrie, an occupational therapist at the Four Seasons care home.

Join them as they form an unlikely friendship.

Immerse yourself in their story as they discover second chances in life.

Cheer for them as they find laughter in the face of adversity.

Support them as they both finally learn to bury the ghosts of their pasts and learn to live again.

Most importantly, allow George and Carrie to take you on a journey where you might just end up looking at the world differently.

George Bunce and The Black Wave of Fear is an extraordinary and poignant tale full of hope and humour.

I love my book blogging hobby! It means I find books that, normally I wouldn’t pick up. This is one of those books, and what a gem it turned into.

We meet George, who has found himself being moved in a care home when he accidentally sets fire to his flat. A 70 year old who is aghast to be there. He doesn’t see himself as old as the other residents they are either decrepit or totally crazy in George’s eyes.

This man is so well written! He is such a vivid character I can see him with his old fashioned ways and super straight posture. The last thing he wants is to be in a care home and he isn’t there to make friends either, no Sireee!

Along comes Cassie, an occupational therapist. All she wants is to help George regain his independence so he can move e out the home. The problem is George ain’t making this an easy task for her. We see Cassie take her time and just keep returning to try again. All George wants is to be left alone and have a decent poached egg just for once! It’s beautiful to see the friendship blossom (although George would probably put weedkiller on it if he could!) between them.

I can’t help but smile when I write or think about George, Martin Geraghty has excellently portrayed this character. He has explored the frustrations that older people get from changes in their lives and the fear they experience in this sensitive yet witty and emotional story.

I decided when reading this book; the world needs more Cassie’s around. People who are selfless and so patient, this is another example of such an expertly created character. In fact, every character in this book is so well made. Every resident in the home had their own traits and my heart went out to them as it all brought back memories of my nan’s final months in a care home too.

Such a heartwarming tale of friendship and how it can change a life. I was still thinking about this book after I had closed it down, such a thought provoking read.

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Author Bio

Martin Geraghty

Martin is a 49-year-old Private Investigator from Glasgow, more Clouseau than Columbo.

His debut novel, A Mind Polluted, was published by Crooked Cat Books in 2018. He has had short stories published by The Common Breath, Ellipsis Zine, Speculative Books and others.





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