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I am truly thrilled to say I have Underrated by Morwenna Blackwood on the blog today, on behalf of Rachel’s Random Resources. Thanks to Rachel Gilbey for my invitation and DarkStroke Books for my copy of the book to take part.

I stand as close as I can to the Liver Building without looking proper weird and tip my head back. My eyes can’t focus properly, but I can make out a turquoise shape right at the top, so I mouth ’iya to Bella. I’m a bit soft on the Liver Birds. They’re 300-odd feet up in the air, so they should be able to see everything, but they’re chained down…”

A story of the far-reaching effects of unrequited love and drug (ab)use, Underrated follows five lads who are just trying to make things better for themselves. In Liverpool and on the south Devon coast, their lives entangle as they turn to cocaine.

While some people take drugs to escape their circumstances, others deal drugs to escape theirs. But is escape ever really an option?

I saw Morwenna Blackwood had a new book out and I just had to read it. The cover nor synopsis didn’t matter, her previous book, Glasshouse was a favourite of mine. I just knew this would be as good. I also have to say Darkstroke Books are also a favourite of mine.

Underrated is a gritty thriller that delves into the world of drugs and its far reaching effects. It’s not a world anyone wants to witness, but Morwenna Blackwood writes in such a compelling way that you can’t help but be drawn in. One of them stories that remind me of a film that you know is going to make you want to hide behind a pillow but keep checking you aren’t missing anything.

Narrated from multiple perspectives of a group of lads, whose lives intertwine as they explore the world of drugs and all it entails. Each voice is unique and we see every facet of their lives as they spiral into drug abuse and addiction too. It’s a dark and very powerful read. They are all written I such a compelling way that I couldn’t tear my eyes from the pages as I read.

It is a story that deals with such sensitive topics from the outset, with characters that aren’t always, if at all likeable but, for me this is a true representation of how some younger people start their journey into the horror of the world involving drugs. It happens way too often and Morwenna Blackwood has written a convincing and authentic story that I think happens way to often on this world we live in.

With clever dialogue, convincing situations and flawed characters that really ring true, this is a difficult book to read but one that needs reading. Again she has written a book I couldn’t put down, even with the issues raised. A provocative and powerful read.

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Author Bio

Morwenna Blackwood

When she was six years old, Morwenna wrote and endless story about a frog, and hasn’t stopped writing since.
She’s the author of bestselling noir psychological thrillers, The (D)Evolution of Us, and Glasshouse, has an MA in Creative Writing, and can usually be found down by the sea. Morwenna’s third novel, Underrated, was published by #darkstroke on Valentine’s Day, 2022, and she has several works in progress.
She often thinks about that frog.

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