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Today I’m excited to bring my review as part of the Hot Verve Summer tour. I’m hosting Stargazer by Laurie Petrou. Thanks to Danielle Price for asking me and for gifting a copy of the audiobook for me to bring you a honest and unbiased review today.

A sinuous, captivating exploration of the mysterious depths of female friendship that had me hooked from its first pages. The vivid, finely wrought setting – a prestigious, remote college campus – was a delicious reminder of another favourite novel, Donna Tartt’s A Secret History. Petrou’s dreamlike, note-perfect prose simmers toward a shattering conclusion. This unforgettable novel from a truly talented novelist is perfect for fans of Celeste Ng — Marissa Stapley, bestselling author of The Last Resort

Laurie Petrou has crafted a chilling look at the fine line between love and obsession, longing and desperation, ambition and mania. It’s a look at the cusp of adulthood, when all things – beautiful and terrible – are possible. These women will haunt you — Gin Phillips, author of The Well and The Mine

This is a book I have wanted to read right from the moment I saw it was being released. Everything about it just made me want to immerse myself in the lives of Diana and Aurelle, the two main characters. My first opportunity came when I was offered a place on the audiobook tour for Stargazer by Verve Books, I jumped at the chance.

No sooner had I started listening to the book than I was so involved with everything. This is a story that is not only beautifully written, but also narrated perfectly. The fact that I felt like I wanted to spend as much time as possible listening to this book, tells you how well it was done.

If you want a book that is full of action, this is not the book for you. This is a book which has only a few things actually happen. Saying this I found it so gripping, a mesmerising portrayal of two people’s lives, with their emotions there, underneath everything. Such a messy relationship between the two, complex and far reaching.

This just draws you in and as the plot develops, the tension tightens between them until it can take no more and then comes the rage, as it does with female relationships. The hatred, bitterness and the pure selfishness. The author, by way of the narrator, takes the reader through every single emotion as they take their downward dive. It is a dive that took me with them and that’s down to the skill of both author and narrator.

A breathtaking, compelling and mesmerising portrait of the human psyche that I found just brilliant.

Author Bio

Laurie Petrou

Laurie Petrou is the award-winning author of Love, Heather, Sister of Mine and Between. Stargazer is her latest novel.

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