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Today, I have the pleasure of hosting my stop on the blog tour for Eagle Of Mercia by M.J Porter. Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Boldwood Books for the gifted ebook to write my honest review.

A mercy mission in the heart of Wessex is beset with deadly, bloody dangers.

Tamworth AD831

Icel’s profile continues to rise. Lord of Budworth and warrior of Mercia, he’s acknowledged by King Wiglaf and his comrades to keep Mercia safe from the ravages of Wessex, the king-slayer of the East Angles, and the Viking raiders.

But, danger looms.  Alongside Spring’s arrival comes the almost certain threat of the Viking raiders return.

When Lord Coenwulf of Kingsholm is apprehended by a Viking and held captive on the Isle of Sheppey in Wessex held Kent, Icel is implored by Lady Cynehild to rescue her husband.

To rescue Lord Coenwulf, Icel and his fellow warriors must risk themselves twice over, for not only must they overpower the Viking raiders, they must also counter the threat of Mercia’s ancient enemy, the kingdom of Wessex as they travel through their lands.

Far from home and threatened on all sides, have Icel and his fellow warriors sworn to carry out an impossible duty?

The fourth book in The Eagle Of Mercia Chronicles, Eagle Of Mercia, is pure gold! Another M.J. Porter historical fiction novel that’s an amazing adventure back in time.

This is another book that concentrates on Icel, a young warrior who is also a healer. Its AD831 and again danger looms from the Viking raiders. Icel is tasked with keeping Mercia safe from both Vikings and Wessex, the King slayer of the East Angles. To add to his troubles, he and his fellow warriors set out to rescue Lord Coenwulf of Kingsholm, who is being held captive in Wessex held Kent.

This is an undertaking that the warriors don’t realise will take more courage, strength, and will than they expect. Will they be able to fulfil their promise to Lord Coenwulfs wife, Lady Cynehild. Or is this a promise too far?

M.J. Porter has an exceptional gift of being able to transport a reader back in time. The details are vivid, as is every character. I do love historical fiction. This period, I find it intriguing. Every book by this author that I have read has been outstanding. I feel like I am almost at home when I begin one of their books.

The amount of research the author must have done to write this series alone has to be immense. The battles are realistic and feel authentic. My adrenaline rises as I read, and battles are on the horizon. Brutal, yes, but real. I love them!

Character development is second to none as we see Icel and his warriors in so much danger. It’s really good to see how Icel has grown over the last 2 books. I was gutted to reach the end of this story. It just went by so quickly. If you love colourful and authentic historical fiction, M.J Porter is an author whose books you should read, like yesterday!

Purchase Link – https://mybook.to/EagleofMerciasocial 

Author Bio

MJ Porter is the author of many historical novels set predominantly in Seventh to Eleventh-Century England, and in Viking Age Denmark. They were raised in the shadow of a building that they believed housed the bones of long-dead Kings of Mercia – so their writing destiny was set. The first novel in their new Anglo-Saxon series for Boldwood Son of Mercia was published in February 2022.

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