I was born in Oldham in 1971. I am a married mum with 3 beautiful daughters and a nan of 6 gorgeous grandkids.

From being little, I have always had a passion for books and, over the past year, I have written hundreds of book reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and here on my WordPress blog. My followers, including those on Twitter, have steadily increased and I now receive offers from publishers and authors alike, to participate in the promotion and reviewing of their books.

The reason I started doing these blog tours was to help get the word out about all these brilliant books from often less well known, independent authors or those from smaller publishers. What started as a hobby, has now almost become a full-time endeavour. It has been a very satisfying journey, knowing I have helped people get their names out there.

My work here is never done. So any publishers or authors, big or small, are always welcome to get in touch! Be it for a review, a book launch, cover reveal or a promotional blog tour.

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