Frances Lloyd – The Moon Killer

The Moon Killer by Frances Lloyd is the 5th book in the Detective Inspector Jack Dawes series.

In this instalment D.I Jack Barnes and his partner D.S “Bugsy” Malone come across the most puzzling case they have had. A pub landlord is found by a lake dead, but why? There are a number of explanations to be bandied around due to him being a bit of a criminal and having ties to the drug underworld, too. A certain M.O is picked up on by the pathologist during the exam. A business man is discovered dead in his offices, again, the same M.O. This gives the detectives a link between the two, and its something they can’t just not consider. The two murders took place during Full moon!

They decide to bring in the services of a profiler, Cressida Davenport and based on her report decide their plan of action, which involves putting one of their own in harms way to catch a killer!

I really enjoyed The Moon Killer and thought the team were excellent together. Jack along with his wife Corrie are a superb team too! She gave the story just that little bit more.I read this book in one sitting, it flowed so well and I was dying to find out who the killer was.With thanks to Joffe Books for allowing me to be a part of the Blog Tour.

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