Charlie Gallagher – He Will Get You

Charlie Gallaghers newest instalment of DI Maddie Ives is now the fifth in the series! ‘He Will Get You’ sees Maddie still based in Canterbury, were she has been since she got sent there from Manchester, many moons ago.

Charlie Gallagher

Maddie and her superior Detective Inspector Harry Blaker are called out to investigate when a man is found dead. The man is Daniel Blake, a local drug dealer who died after a police ambush in a multi-storey car park. The Tax Man is a hitman-for-hire, provided the money is right, and is hired for his next assignment: To get rid off the police officer responsible. He decides to muddy the waters on his way and makes the decision to kill a number of total innocents and torments the familes of the dead as well, with some sickening pleasure!

All these murders with seemingly no motive make for an almost impossible case to crack for Maddie, witness statements are, at times, conflicting and they can’t help considering if they have a serial killer on their hands. They have no positive leads, so cannot identify a viable suspect, which means the clock could well be ticking for the next victim!
As the other books in The Maddie Ives series this is just as exciting and as fast, once you start to read you don’t come up for air until you reach the ending which has far reaching consequences for all.

I always love a Charlie Gallagher book, because not only can he keep your attention with the thrills and twists, but his knowledge as an ex-copper shines through in all his work and its no different with ‘He Will Get You’. A massive thank you to Jill for allowing me to be part if the tour, and to Joffe Books and Last but not at all least Charlie Gallagher for writing it!