Cheryl Reece-Price – Blue Hollow

Blue Hollow is my first encounter with anything written by Cheryl Rees-Price, and I am truly wondering why I have never read any of her work! A tense, dark mysterious gripping read Blue Hollow hits all the spots needed for a crime thriller today.

Cheryl Reece-Price

Dora is an author of crime fiction and lives in one of the villages where everyone already knows her husband has left her for someone else. She decides to go visit her Uncle Eddie, who is really sick and, while she is there, he asks her to do one thing for him. He wants to right some wrongs he has done in his past and feels the only way is for her to write his life story… beginning when he was eight in 1964. He also attaches some conditions to the task, these are, Dora needs to go away with him to find out more and no computers are to be used, only audio recordings, all on tape.

Eddie is a lovely old man with the character of a loveable rogue but his past doesn’t seem to be reflecting his character very well! As the revelations unfold the story becomes more dark and dangerous and Dora finds it becomes life-changing.

A great book, well written and great characterisation too. The story becomes very dark and the revelations are shocking, but dealt with in the best way, although some may struggle to read it. I found that even though it was moving into darker places I felt unable to put the book down, I needed to know it all. Definitely a page-turner for me. Thank you to Cheryl who actually sent me the book to read before I came on the blog tour for Rachel Gilbey, I’m glad I did!