Nikki Dudley – Volta


‘Volta’ by Nikki Dudley is a crime thriller that is as riveting as they come. Another gem of an author discovered and I must thank Isabelle Kenyon for inviting me on this famous books tour and the gifted copy of Volta itself.

Nikki Dudley

We meet Briony who has woken up with blood on her hands and no clue how it got there. She visits her therapist Mari and is taken immediately to the police station. Mari’s brother Aris is a detective there and requests SJ, his best friend and a defence lawyer to help. Out of these three people, SJ is the only one who more or less believes her. Mari isn’t certain and Aris, well, he is very clearly sceptical of her claim of remembering nothing.

These are the four major characters and the story is all about each of them and everything about them, including any secrets they hold. As the story develops we discover that Briony does remember more than she is willing to tell. The romance stakes heat up as SJ and Mari find they have an attraction to each other but it is a will they, won’t they scenario. I don’t want to give too much of the story away. All I will say is, there is only one person out of the quartet who seems to be without secrets…in this book, you never, ever know!

A story that is packed with twists, interesting characters and very clearly well written. The pace is perfect and it is so good I just couldn’t let go of the book for too long. I was busy needing to know everything! I just kept saying ‘one more page’ until I was four chapters further, by then I knew I was lying to myself and I needed to read and read!

The characters are all so well developed, really interesting and colourful, each with their voices. Briony really made me wonder; Nikki Dudley has so skilfully written her that I was as bad as the other three on whether I believed her claim or not. I hopped from one side to the other constantly. I loved getting to know these four and was sorry when I had finished the book.

A crime thriller that refuses to be a run of the mill book and stands out with the fabulous characters that Nikki Dudley has created. I would easily recommend Volta to anyone…in fact, I have already!