J.A. Andrews – Mummy’s Boy

Mummy’s Boy by J.A Andrews is a dark novel that I found, at times, scary and chilling. Mainly because it is about people and what they are capable of.

J.A. Andrews

Andrew was seventeen when he went missing from his family home. His mother Patricia mourns him daily, through the alcoholic, drug filled fog she exists in. Her long suffering husband, Thomas, is there like a rock just soaking in her cries as he has done for the past three years since their son went and never returned. Patricia plays her part as a grieving mother and believes herself totally, but, in the background of her mind she has a deep, dark secret she can only hope will never come to light! If it ever did, she knows she would end up truly alone. What Patricia has yet to discover is, someone is out there, watching quietly, taking their time, knowing the terrible secret in Patricia’s past. Just waiting and waiting for their revenge which, they hope, will be Patricia’s death!

The story is told using a dual timeline, past and the present day, but also from the perspectives of Patricia, Thomas and the watcher. The story unfolds and the tension grows as the secrets spill out, one by one.

This is a debut novel and I would not have known at all! The characters were well developed, not one of them perfect and all, as everyone is, full of complexities true to life. Such a good, psychological thriller, really kept me reading, if only to solve the mysteries within these people. Just like life, you never really know whats going on behind closed doors! Bringing delicate subjects to the fore, manipulation, abuse, control and also mental health issues, which are very much a part of society, but still rarely ever talked about.

I must thank @HeraBooks, @BOTBSPublicity, @jasona1980and Netgalley for all alowing me to be included in this great book tour!

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