Annalisa Crawford – Grace & Serenity

‘Grace & Serenity’ by Annalisa Crawford is a book that resonated so much with me. A young girl meets a boy and ends up pregnant. It was a story that I almost lived at around the same age Grace was. I felt the same emotions Grace had when she left school, with all her dreams in tatters at her feet. The sadness I have is that this story will be relevant to too many women in our world.

Annalisa Crawford

Grace & Serenity is a book that needs reading by all the people out there who always wonder why women in violent situations stay or go. Maybe this straight from the heart story will be able to aid people in empathising a little more. Every step Grace attempts to take drags her deeper into a quagmire and she is lost a little more.

This to me highlights so much the amount that is wrong in our society and is a little too close to where I could have been for comfort. Saying that I was compelled to read every word of this horrific, gut-wrenching story of terror. I needed to know if or how Grace survived and if she was reunited with her baby girl. For me, the conclusion was as satisfying as if I had actually been there.

The author has for me, written a masterpiece in Domestic violence and done an excellent job while doing it. I was immediately connected to Grace and thus made the book for me. Absolute thanks to Rachels Random Resources and Annalisa Crawford for including me on this blog tour.

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