J.A. Andrews – You Let Him In

‘You Let Him In’ by J.A Andrews is the second book I have read by this author, the first being ‘Mummy’s Boy’. I hoped that this book would be as good as the previous one and found it didn’t let me down. A psychological thriller told from multiple points of view.

J.A. Andrews

Jenny is a woman living the dream, but it’s a dream that’s not as good as she thought it would be. She met and married Michael and they had their son Daniel. Three years later, the lack of money and Micheals lack of home life due to work causes terrible arguments between them. Then Micheal is killed in a hit and run a stranger holding his hand when he dies. Jenny ends up befriending the stranger, the last person to be with Michael. Jenny starts to discover that Micheal had secrets, and big ones…ones that made her marriage, her life a lie and that this friend she has made may have his own secrets also.
Right from the start, I was really curious about what Michael was keeping from Jenny. I really felt for her, leaving everything financially to her husband while she has absolutely no clue about how much money trouble they have.

The characters are, each in their own way, not very likeable. Although, as I say Jenny may be a little naive, but on the other hand, when you trust your partner so much this should be the norm. Her mother-in-law, Donna, is one of those women who need to be the best and have the best, even to the point of who is mourning more! I really did not like her at all. Micheal well, apart from the secrets, he has a control issue I wasn’t so keen on either.

I find the author’s storytelling is realistic and very vivid to the point that I almost feel like I’m part of the story myself. It is a slower-paced book which helped the tension to climb as the story develops. ‘You Let Him In’ definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and guessing throughout. I definitely enjoyed reading this and can recommend it if you like a slow burner of a read.

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