Francesca Capaldi – War In The Valleys

‘War in the Valleys’ by Francesca Capaldi is the second book I have read by Francesca Capaldi. The first was Heartbreak in the Valleys. Her debut novel. This one takes us right back to Dorcalon in Rhymney Valley a couple of months after the first book.

Francesca Capaldi

The first story featured Anwen and her life, this one revolves around Violet Jones and her two children, while her husband is at the front. She is dealing with so much, as others are too. What she is unaware of, is that someone who she thinks is helping her is doing the opposite. At a time when Violet needs friends so much, they are all too busy dealing with an unexpected addition to their family and overwhelmed with extra-long shifts the munition factory is giving them.

Another fantastic trip back in time to the valleys of Wales and the lovely communities there. A story that should by all accounts be a depressing one is a story of community spirit and the pulling together of people. I also love the humour that shines through from these hard and sad times. I feel a lot of this is lost from today’s generation and it is a shame.

Thanks to Book On The Bright Side Publicity, Hera Books, Francesca Capaldi and NetGalley for the copy of the book to give you my thoughts today.

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