Gemma Rogers – Bad Girls

‘Bad Girls’ by Gemma Rogers is a twisty, gritty and intense thriller that I really couldn’t put down for any length of time.

Gemma Rogers

Jess has just been released from prison after serving her time. She is on probation for six months and knows if she does wrong she is right back in prison. In an attempt to get somewhere she is given a job in a laundry. There she meets Karla herself an ex-con and her boss, Terry, who expects favours from his women employees. He decides to make advances on Jess and she decides enough is enough and stands up against him…but will she end up back in prison or worse through making a stand?

I have read previous books from Gemma and loved them. This book is as brilliant as the others as she really knows how to create a vivid story that draws you into Jess’s world. The characters of Jess and Karla feel so real to the point that I was even thinking about them when I wasn’t reading! The fast pace of the story helped to build the tension so it almost felt like I was onboard a rollercoaster with the ups and downs of the emotions that ran through my head when reading.

With twists and turns aplenty to keep you gripped throughout, it is an excellent crime thriller as I always expect when I open a Gemma Rogers book.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources, Boldwood Books and NetGalley for the copy of the book.

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