Mercedes Rosende – Crocodile Tears

‘Crocodile Tears’ by Mercedes Rosende is her English language debut, a Uruguayan author and the story takes place in MonteVideo’s Old town. A book that introduces us to an entire range of weird and wonderful characters who all jumble together to attempt a heist which goes anything but smoothly along with fantastically dark humour and comedy that makes it a cracking, unique read.

Mercedes Rosende

Bumbling Diego is in jail for his part in the kidnapping of a local businessman and he can’t understand why the wife insists she never received a ransom demand, so he is allowed free. The simple reason for this is explained when it is discovered he has mixed up two women both called Ursula López in the city and demanded money from single one!

Now he owes his dodgy lawyer, Antinucci, and without any money, Diego finds himself lined up to take part in the heist of an armoured truck, along with prison escapee generally known as, the Hobo, Ricardo Prieto who he met while in prison. Ursula López and Captain Leonilda Lima, two strong women on opposite sides of the story both distinctive in their own ways, Ursula’s behaviour issues help a lot in defining her. Leonilda is a woman who is generally swimming against the tide as a female in the police, she still works to the best of her ability. All of these people are on course to collide as the heist looms closer.

The translating of the book by Tim Gutteridge is great. I had no issues getting into the book and was soon as involved in this comic crime caper as the quirky characters. It was too soon that I was turning the last page and found I was still smiling about some of the antics hours later.

A fantastic introduction into Uruguayan crime thriller, if they are all as good as this I am a fan!

Thanks to Random Things Tours and Bitter Lemon Press for my copy of the book for my review today.

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