Stewart Giles – Fear On The Island

‘Fear On The Island’ by Stewart Giles is the third book in his new series featuring DI Liam O’Reilly a detective who has relocated from Ireland to the beautiful place of Guernsey.

Steward Giles

Liam has been in Guernsey for four months now and he has had more than his fair share of murders and crime since arriving. He is settling into the new life he and Assumpta, his journalist daughter, are experiencing. He is even grudgingly, I have to say, getting comfy with the cat, Bram, that Assumpta took in when they arrived.
Liam and Assumpta are out in their favourite restaurant, The Red Snapper, which is totally packed with tourists as happens in July in Guernsey.

A man in motorcycle leathers and helmet strides in and kills the barman by shooting him in the face twice without hesitation. O’Reilly confronts him and nearly gets himself shot in the process. Over the course of twenty-four hours, the detectives have two more deaths from very similar shootings on their hands and no clue as to a motive or what could link the victims, barman Christo Villiers, Vincent Graham, a frequent tourist shot on the beach and James Lund, shot in a military graveyard. They have no clue except that the man is stealing motorbikes to make a quick getaway and utters the baffling phrase “Not everything is as it seems.” Liam is sure the past holds the answer to these murders, but will they discover it before anyone else dies?

This instalment has the full team, who we have met over the previous books and they all work brilliantly together with Liam heading them up with all his experience.

A story that is written perfectly by Stewart Giles, with humour running throughout to balance the darker parts. One of my go-to authors is Stewart Giles and he proves my reasoning time and time again. Another skillfully woven plot that is action-packed and intriguing, creating a book that I sped through in a day. I look forward to the next book already.

Thanks to Stewart Giles for the copy of this great new chapter for his Guernsey detective.

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