Alison Morton – Double Identity

‘Double Identity’ by Alison Morton is an exciting thriller that swept me up within the first few pages and didn’t let go until I had finished it!

Alison Morton

It begins with Mel (Melisende), who has just left the French military to marry Gerard her fiancé, waking up to discover him dead in their bed. We see the police in London initially suspecting Mel but this is soon sorted.

The story swiftly moves from France to Brussels and back to London. Mel is determined to track down the killer of Gerard and it seems she will have to pair up with Met Police Detective McCracken to do this. As they investigate it becomes more than first thought, with Mel’s Fiancé having secrets that makes Mel consider: Who was he, really? Who was he and as they delve deeper and Gerard is linked to more and more to their list of suspects, who to trust becomes more important.

A story that incorporates plenty of different threads. International criminals, blackmail, fraud with a multi-agency investigation from France, the U.K and Brussels creating a whirlwind read packed with action and thrills. I do hope there is another book to come as I think we have only scratched the surface of Mel.

Thank you for the copy of the book to Damp Pebbles blog Tours and Alison Morton.

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