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E.J. Wood – Amalie

Today I am bringing you a review for Amalie by E.J. Wood which is published by Question Mark Press.
I found this a very absorbing story that is not always a really easy read.

E.J. Wood

Set from the Second World War we meet Amalie, a girl who had a horrific start in life. She was sent to Auschwitz as a Jew during the war years. She survived that experience then end up in one of the many orphanages that sprung up after the war. Amalie found no refuge there, the children were treated almost as cattle there too. Is it unusual to say she became an assassin after her torturous and demeaning life?

Amalie almost reduced me to tears with the life she had. The descriptions of Auschwitz really got me. I have been to a Nazi labour camp in Holland and that killed me, reading about Auschwitz made me think if I had survived that horror I would want to repay the Nazi’s that aided that camps horror too! DCI Owens is the man attempting to catch her, but is he hunter or prey? What happens when a case becomes obsessive? You will have to read it to find out.

A story that has been meticulously researched and woven together to bring a book that I was enthralled with. A heartbreaking tale that on one hand brings a tear to your eye and on the other a gasp of disbelief! I for one was (in my head anyway) holding people down for Amalie, they deserved everything they got….my opinion for what it’s worth!!

Thank you to Zooloo’s Book Tours for my place on this fabulous tour and Question Mark Press for the copy of the book.


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