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Susan A. King – Banana Devil Cake

‘Banana Devil Cake’ by Susan A. King is the second book in the Beattie Bramshaw Mysteries. I haven’t read the first book in the series but I read this book fine, although I want to read the first now!

Susan A. King

This story starts six months after the end of the first book. Elmesbury, the village that the book is set in, sounds welcoming, warm and beautiful too. The villagers have got on with their lives and things have changed, we see friendships have been made and there is even some love floating around. We see a newcomer who is about to bring mayhem to the village. Leo is a celebrity psychic and has moved to Elmesbury to escape the media attention…he didn’t count on the W. I ladies effusive welcome.
In the process of sorting out for her long-awaited engagement party, redoubtable village busybody Beattie Bramshaw not only finds herself embroiled in a one-woman campaign to save the elm tree from which the village gets its name but also having to contend with an outbreak of unrest within her beloved W.I. group. As two members of the W. I are discovered dead, Beattie has to try to discover who is picking off the competition for the fete. But can she solve the mystery before another member of the W.I. is picked off?

I thought Beattie was such a colourful character in this hilariously funny cosy mystery story. I imagine her being like an aunt I had, really coming across as a tough cookie, but as she got to know you she would go into battle without blinking an eye for you. A loyal and funny woman who you could trust with your life.
Susan A. King has plotted and written a really funny and charming cosy mystery with all the charm of a little English village to add to the mix. Her characters are stand out ones, each one has its own distinctive personality… obviously, Beattie is the best by far!

A story I was so involved with I read it within a day and totally enjoyed myself!

Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Lightning Books for my place on the tour as well as a copy of the book.


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