Jane Badrock – Comatose

‘Comatose’ by Jane Badrock is a police procedural that keeps you on your toes. I have never read anything by Jane Badrock before so I had absolutely no expectations as I sat down with my kindle and opened the book. I am happy to say I couldn’t tear myself away from it until I literally almost starved my youngest!

Jane Badrock

D.S. Karen Thorpe who has just been appointed to her post finds herself attempting to investigate a crash in which she just keeps hitting brick walls. There is a survivor but she is in a coma. Thorpe is frustrated that she is getting nowhere, you really can’t get information out of a comatose patient. Karen is a copper with something to prove being new. She is determined she get to the bottom of this. As the investigation continues so do the twists and turns and Karen is up against it.

Such great characters! Karen herself is tenacious and determined, a woman who can turn people against her just by pushing her luck. Every character is created carefully and I felt as if I knew them. The story begins as it means to go on there are multiple threads that Jane Badrock has spun so cleverly, almost like a spider spinning a web. Every thread connects to each other and makes one big story. The pace never lets up and I really needed to find out how everything was going to come together.

The build-up of the story was intense and I loved it. I now need to read more of Jane’s work. If you like your books twisty, tense and jam-packed with drama try ‘comatose’, it ticks every box!

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and Question Mark Press for my copy of the book.

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