Gwyn G.B. – Preacher Boy

‘Preacher Boy’ by Gwyn G.B is the first book in a new series called The Dr Harrison Lane Mysteries. Another new author to me with a synopsis that sounded so intriguing. I sat down and jumped straight in.

Dr Harrison Lane is a psychologist and head of the Metropolitan Police’s Ritualistic Behavioural Crimes Unit. A man who, when he meets with victims and their families is so empathic that he connects on levels that other people have never experienced. He cuts a dashing figure in his motorbike leathers and can seem intimidating at times. He has a tragic history with his mum and his step-dad has almost trained him to become excellent at what he does. His determination to understand the human mind has honed his skills to almost perfection.

Darren Phillips has been missing for a week when his body is found in the woods laid out in a primarily religious way. DCI Sandra Barker and her most senior detective, DS Jack Salter, from Lewisham station are now attempting to solve a murder case. Before they know it another boy has been abducted. Alex Fuller, aged seven, disappears from the street in a split second. Baker and Salter realise they are really against the clock if it is the same person who took Darren Phillips. Harrison opinion is that it is, and he creates a profile. Harrison feels that there must be something that has triggered the perpetrator to begin to kidnap these children, he always correct and the trigger is soon discovered.

Harrison is not just working on this case he also has things from his past that he needs to delve into concerning his mum and her death. He pushes these issues to the background as the case they are on takes over and we see it racing to a conclusion that keeps you glued to the book.

I think Harrison Lane is a unique and very interesting new character and I do think his skill set just makes the Detectives groundwork seem even more concrete than without him. Gwen GB has created a solid set of characters that are well rounded and very likeable too. I thoroughly enjoyed the twists in the storyline and the originality of this book. There were some things left open and I am now eagerly awaiting Gwyn’s next book in the series.

Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Chalky Dog Publishing for my copy of the book.

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