Martin Tracey – Mind Guerrilla

‘Mind Guerrilla’ by Martin Tracey is a book I couldn’t wait to pick up and start. Certainly a new author to me but the synopsis and cover held a promise I hoped it would keep.
When a high-end escort is discovered murdered in her plush waterside apartment, so begins the hunt for a serial killer known as The Crucifier due to the unusual slaying and positioning of his victims.
In parallel, there remains the need to locate a dangerous and elusive doomsday cult.

Martin Tracey

DCI William Chamberlain and DI Judd Stone have an acute thirst for justice on both accounts. Stone is an ex-football hooligan turned cop. Riddled with guilt and anger, he is used to getting results – albeit somewhat unconventionally.
Chamberlain suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, but curiously, as his health deteriorates, his ability to perform acts of telekinesis increases.
When faced with life or death, Chamberlain progresses from manipulating physical matter to controlling minds and sets in motion a dramatic chain of events. But why do things spiral out of control, placing an unknown high-profile target in danger?

Assistance comes from the most unlikely of sources but who is also working against the wheels of justice?
And just what is the connection between The Crucifier, the cult and the high-profile target?

With Spaghetti Western overtones, the chase from Liverpool to London and through both Birmingham UK and Alabama, finds both detectives having to confront their darkest demons in pursuit of the sweet taste of revenge. A crime novel with a twist that I really enjoyed, set in Birmingham.

The two detectives are both damaged people but determined to get justice whether it be by following rules or not. Even with their bending the rules it made sense for me and I could get exactly why they would. Especially with the type of people they needed to catch, not exactly ones you want to meet on the street! Dark or not!

The plot was an intricate and detailed one that kept my interest from the minute I started it. The way Martin Tracey has woven all the multiple threads together shows a skill that many don’t have. A story full of intrigue, twists and suspense that I was immersed in. It definitely kept me guessing throughout and didn’t let me down on the promise of its synopsis. I was invested in this book and the characters to the point that I did get a little emotional at times.

A thoroughly engaging read with characters that are vibrant and unique. A book I recommend if you enjoy unique plots, characters and intrigue.

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and Martin Tracey for my place on the tour and copy of the book.

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