Joel Hames – The Lies I Tell

‘The Lies I tell’ by Joel Hames is a cyber-thriller blended with a psychological thriller. Joel Hames is a new author to me so I had no expectations whatsoever as I sat down to read. I have to say, he is a gem that needs shouting about.

Joel Hames

Lisa is a modern-day con artist, she uses multiple identities to scam people online. She has no conscience about doing it either, it only takes her to befriend you online then she discovers everything and would even steal your identity if she was in the mood. Hacking is an everyday thing for her just as lying and thieving is.

Then comes the day when she is the victim and they know everything about her and how she works. There are multiple choices of who it could be but she has no idea who it is either. Lisa is also mum to her son Simon and all she wants to do is keep him from harm…but that is becoming harder as she doesn’t know why she is being targeted. Then the police come knocking and she realises she has to do something…and fast.

We are given the story through Lisa’s eyes and as everything begins to unfold, the layers of Lisa’s life slowly start peeling away and we learn of her childhood and how she became who and what she is in the present day. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together we see that not everything is as it seems.

This book held me in its grasp from the start. The skill Joel Hames has clearly got in crafting a tale that is a little like smoke and mirrors is excellent. I thought Lisa was a cleverly created character, who is a thief, con merchant and someone who will steal your identity. On the other hand, as we peek into her past we are privy to her traumatic life and from there I could begin to understand this woman and her motivations. Even the conclusion was a surprise after all the misdirections and intrigue of the story.

A complex and skillfully crafted story that gives us characters that we can empathise with and make us even more paranoid about our social media and internet security. Definitely a thought-provoking read.

With thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and Spellbound for the copy of the book.

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