Foul Play: Once Upon A Crime [Card Game]

The Murder Mystery Card Game
Foul Play: Once Upon A Crime

Today I am reviewing something a little different. I have reviewed this game previously, but now AFTER DARK have a different version out! This one is “Foul Play: Once Upon A Crime”! Another murder mystery detective card game for all the family.

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours for the chance.

Carabosse the Bad Fairy is dead, and her Big Book of Villainy has been stolen…

In a shocking revelation, the magic mirror has revealed that all the suspects are goodies, but who had a motive to go bad? You’ll need to swap, steal and search for the evidence in order to scupper the other detectives and sleuth your way to your happily ever after!

There’s more than one way to catch a killer though. So what’s it gonna be? Good Cop or Bad Cop? These two game versions come with their own set of rules and tactics to crack the case and finger your suspect, but will you use fair play or FOUL PLAY?

The Game is Afoot! Playing as detective, you’ll need to find the three evidence cards that point to a specific suspect in order to catch a killer in this crazy criminal caper. Will you uncover them in the crime scene? Could the other detectives be willing to collaborate and share their findings? Or will you resort to more tricky tactics, and plunder the proof you need to solve this crime?

Now, does that sound good or what?! Well, when I got an invitation to the tour for this version, I just knew I had to join in. It is a fabulous family time game. Intended for players 8 years onwards. My family loves it…. again. Our youngest who is 12 revels in this game. There are basically two ways to play either good or bad cop and our usual winner is the youngest! An ideal game for holidays as it is a tidy set of cards so no problems packing them. The quality of the cards is good too, so will last a while. The swopping and stealing from the other version is all exactly the same so we found it easy to pick up again and so did the youngest!! I love this game and think it is worth £8.95 (plus P+P). We have had a lot of fun with it.

A game of wits and cunning if needed that is fun to play and passes the time brilliantly.

History of Foul Play

What’s a Murder Mystery Events Company to do?

With a pandemic sweeping the nation and no sign of being able to perform their confounding criminal cabarets or incredible interactive investigations any time soon, they needed to come up with a plan, another way to provide mystery to the masses (and provide income to keep themselves afloat)!

Well, lockdown does strange things to people, especially actors who can’t go out and perform. So one fateful evening, Ben & Lee Cooper-Muir decided to come up with a whole new way to murder people. Keeping their cards close to their chests they plotted and schemed until Foul Play : The Murder Mystery Card Game was born. So, what to do next? This is where After Dark enters the picture. After all, Ben and Lee were two of the operators of the infamous murder mystery company. Maybe they could collaborate to bring the game to the masses. When Lockdown restrictions were eased a top-secret meeting was held with the other criminal masterminds behind After Dark, Helen Burrows, Sophie Webster & Tom Fisher and a pact was made. The game would be launched and licensed under the After Dark banner.  In true After Dark style, the team burst into action and then began the beta testing, design updates, promotional planning, character changes, proofing, proofing and more proofing until finally all the kinks were ironed out, mysteries solved, and FOUL PLAY : Manor House Murder came to life! 

The team didn’t stop there though!

Due to the popularity of the first game, a second version ‘Once Upon A Crime’ was put on the table, designed, and then launched on Kickstarter. Fully funded in under 48 hours the team at After Dark had another success on their hands and players had another murder in theirs! Once Upon A Crime hits the stores on 1st July 2021 and Manor House Murder is available to buy too.

We hope you enjoy playing it, and although we all hope to be back performing soon, WATCH THIS SPACE! Now we know we can create and produce games we’ve got a lot more fun things planned for the future! 

A game for 2 – 5 players | Age 8 +
£8.95 + p&p
Facebook : @afterdarkmystery | Twitter : @afterdarkmurder | Instagram : @afterdarkmurder
Facebook : @foulplaygamers | Twitter : @foulplaygamers | Instagram : @foulplaygamers
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