J.A. Andrews – I Let Her Go

‘I Let Her Go’ by J.A. Andrews is another chilling tale that I couldn’t stop reading. This is one author whose newest book always manages to best his previous ones – even though I always wonder if he will!

J.A. Andrews

Lucy Mitchell was a child of ‘the system’. Abandoned by her mum she was put into foster care and with that had to grow up pretty quickly. She found friends in Amber and Josh, they all lived in a strict foster home and they soon forged a friendship that helped them survive. Lucy and Amber always spent time in nearby woods just to get away from Linda, their foster carer. Then the day arrived that only one child came back. They found a note which said Amber had run away…but did she?

Fast forward fifteen years and Lucy is getting married to Josh, everything is falling into place until a body is discovered. As Lucy is made to face the traumatic memories she has worked hard to eradicate from her life it seems that the past is rearing its ugly head. We see Lucy, Josh and Linda wondering if they can even trust each other as they go back to the way they each acted the night Amber disappeared. Each one of them is harbouring their own secrets and have kept them hidden for so long but the arrival of a note stating Lucy will be next makes everything else seem like child’s play.

A psychological thriller that shows you should keep your enemies close. It even gave me goosebumps and made me double-check the locks! J.A. Andrews has skillfully placed twists after terrifying twists in ‘I Let Her Go’, enough to have you second-guessing every move of the story.

A book that has the power to keep you rooted to your seat until you have finished every last word.

Thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and J.A. Andrews for the copy of the book.

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