Dawn Terry – Remember Me

‘Remember Me’ by Dawn Terry is a romantic suspense novel by an author I was unaware of. Another novel from Spellbound Books this year and for me, another belter.

Dawn Terry

Sergeant Michael Sanchez of the Costa Blanca Policia finishes a long night shift and the last thing he expects to see is a woman wandering the beach, soaked and disoriented. When she collapses in front of him from a head wound, he rushes her to the hospital.
Helen Jones wakes up in hospital with a headache from hell and a hunky policeman watching her but absolutely no memory of who she is or why she’s been attacked. With only an ankle bracelet with the name Helen on it, she has to find out what happened to her.

A book that interweaves crime and romance to create a story I couldn’t get enough of. Helen was so relatable, I could totally understand how she felt. Not being able to remember is so scary. I was dying to know who she was and what had happened. Dawn Terry’s characters were spot on and they had me second-guessing their intentions like Oliver, Helen’s fiance.

How do we know he is telling the truth? Maybe he has a hidden agenda, well I was power reading through this to discover the answers I needed to know. Even Helen, how much can we believe of what she says? She cannot remember anything before the accident so maybe she isn’t as reliable as we first think.

If I thought I was intrigued from the start as the end starts to get closer the tension is ramped up even more so I was even more eager to get to the end. A story that is capable of having you on the edge of your seat and attempting to read around corners so you can find out what happens faster!

Another great Spellbound publication from an author I will be looking out for.

Thanks to Zoé of ZooLoo’s blog tours and Spellbound Books for my copy of the book.

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