Olga Gibbs – No Child of Mine

‘No child of Mine’ by Olga Gibbs Is a dystopian political thriller and a book I was glued to! I am so happy I accepted my invitation to this tour, a new author and a fabulous book, what else do I need?

Olga Gibbs

The book is set in 2273 where England is now in the leadership of the Ordained Liberating Party. This party has got the country through years of hard times and because of this a new state was formed named The Federation Britannia. Gone are the easy-going days of the past, now there are so many strict rules to be lived by, but it is seen to be good for society in the present day and for the future generations too.

We meet Tom, Judy and their daughter, Tilly.  We see Tom, a staunch supporter of the Ordained Liberating Party who feels all the rules and everything around them is all for the good of society. Until the day he witnesses an incident at his daughter’s nursery. An incident that doesn’t lie right with him and he begins to consider which is more important… the Party and their directives or his family. Which way will Tom go? What will his decision be?

I do love a great dystopian book, like a great dystopian TV program. They transport me to situations that usually make me frustrated and angry about the ruling organisations in power and the terrible acts or rules that are in place. ‘No Child of Mine’ is no different. I was so immersed in this world with its soul-destroying rules and what they expect I was finding myself getting angry.

This is a very powerful, thought-provoking and emotional book. Made all the more powerful due to the excellent world-building. As I said I was immersed in this dystopian world and with characters. They were very well drawn and the scenes between Tom, Judy and Tilly tugged at my heartstrings.

A book that is not an easy, light read, more of a heavier story. Even the chapters are quite long which would deter some readers, for me, it meant I was immersed pretty quickly and the thought-provoking nature of the story made it a more deep and meaningful read.

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and  Olga Gibbs for my place on the tour and my copy of the book.

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