N.S Ford – We Watch You

I was thrilled to be invited by @Writereads to take part of this tour for We Watch You. A psychological thriller that definitely lived up to my expectations. Let’s have a look at the synopsis before I give you my thoughts on the book.

N.S Ford


A small English town is rocked by the disappearance of a local woman, Tina. As the search continues, someone is targeting her former best friends for revenge. Lauren, Jess, Claire. They all hide secrets. Who knows what they did? Who’s watching them? The truth is stranger and far more sinister than they can ever imagine.

A dark, twisty thriller which will grip you until the very last page.

A psychological thriller that has been written very skilfully, with twists and turns that help make it a multi layered story. As the layers of the story unfold it becomes so much more than ‘just’ a murder mystery with a psychological edge.

The story follows Lauren, an autistic woman, and Jess and Claire, her friends. They find out an old friend has gone missing, Tina. Lauren feels like Tina’s disappearance is her fault because of something she and her friends did. When she meets with her two friends, they all decide to stay silent about what they all know. Things begin to start happening that make them think someone else knows and are out for revenge… But who and why?

N.S Ford has done an excellent job creating characters that are a little different to the norm. The fact that Lauren is autistic makes this story an interesting read. Just reading about how she deals with the situation gives the reader a fresh outlook as well as maybe insight to the issues people with autism have to face on a daily basis.

A fast-paced read with twists, turns, and red herrings galore. This is definitely my kind of book. When I pick a book up to read, I always wonder how long it will take me to guess the outcome, well, not this time. I was left guessing and wrong at that.

An atmospheric read that unfolds into a complex one, too. What I thought was going to be quite a straightforward tale soon starts to weave like a snake. Not a long read, but it more than makes up for having less pages with the intensity that builds throughout. The authors descriptions of the area are so vivid I could have been there. This gave me a real sense of place to the point that I felt I was there with Lauren and her friends. That is always a sign of a very well written book for me. I get so immersed in the story that it almost feels like it’s happening to me. I put this book down and found myself still thinking about the story for a time after.

A great psychological thriller that I would recommend to anyone who loves a thriller that is a little bit different with enough twists and surprises to keep you turning them pages.

A massive thank you to The Write Reads and N.D Ford for inviting me and gifting a copy of the book.

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About the Author

N S Ford is a book fanatic, blogger and cat lover who lives in the UK with her family. She has a First Class degree in English. When not reading or blogging, she juggles her writing time with parenting, working in heritage and playing the piano.

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