Leopold Borstinski – Hollywood Bilker

‘Hollywood Bilker’ by Leopold Borstinski is the sixth book in this extraordinary series about Alex Cohen and his life and the third in the brand new boxset featuring books 4, 5, and 6.

This is one of my favourite series. I have followed Alex from the first book, and each book COULD be read as a standalone, but to understand this man and all of his actions, they need reading in order. Then, you can truly get him and know why he is where he is in his life.

Hollywood Bilker picks up where the previous book ended. Alex is back in America after his ‘Cuban adventure’, a little skirmish that almost left him with nothing. It is 1960 and again Alex is called upon by the Mob requesting him to help the CIA to invade Cuba. This time Alex has to decide between family and business. He could have a chance of rebuilding his Havana casinos if he decides to help America, but he could also have a chance of losing his life. If he refuses the favour then everyone in his family will die. Once he does a favour, others will expect the same and this is the Sixties… a time when Presidents, presidential candidates and Assassins are being whacked so often, it’s all an everyday occurrence. Leaving Alex with a quandary only he can solve.,

Leopold Borstinski

Alex Cohen is a gangster who only plays by rules that he deems will benefit him and the people around him. In business, he is out for himself and he is as hardened as they come. He is to all, a killer and not one to mess with, but when all said and done, everything Alex Cohen does is for his family. There is a little bit of me that secretly cheers this man on, I know exactly how he turned into who and what he is.

Six books later I love catching up with him.
Leopold Borstinski has Alex hobnobbing with the elite in Hollywood in this book, while skillfully weaving fact and fiction together, to bring the major events of the decade and the real historically important people alongside Alex’s life. I have always found that these books transport me back to the years they are set in, and this one is no exception.

‘Hollywood Bilker’ brings us the glamour of Hollywood and the danger and drama that always happens when Alex Cohen is around. The research the author must have done, just for this book alone, must be extensive and I honestly couldn’t guess just how much he has done for the full series up to now. The details are so good you are fully immersed in Alex Cohen’s world from the beginning of the series to the end of this book.

Another fast-paced and thrilling historical crime thriller that was over way too soon! Roll on book 7!

Thanks to ZooLoo’s Book Tours and Leopold Borstinski for the copy of the book.

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